five principles of casual dressing

  1. Sand beige
  2. Bleached denim
  3. White t-shirt
  4. Bucket bag
  5. Nautical stripe
5bis. ...a totally idiotic outfit photo
COS jacket, Christophe Lemaire t-shirt , A.P.C. striped denim trousers, sunglasses, pumps and bucket bag, Rue Blanche scarf with a print designed by Yu Matsuoka. O.P.I. nailpolish.
I have those huge book-shelves filled with books brimful, so may be stuffing myself between a bookshelf and a door has some kind of symbolic meaning... may be not. I first thought using books as a backdrop, but then you wouldn't see me at all - this outfit has some kind of strange colour blend-in properties.
So I do wear perfectly normal clothes at times! Thanks A.P.C.!
On a side-note though, I've decided to stop buying clothes at chain brands like H&M, COS, Zara, Mango - all part of Inditex or H&M group or other big chains until they assume full responsibility for their doubtful production methods. But in fear that it may not ever happen my wallet has scrunched and grimaced at me and the Visa card ran hiding in the nearest corner - unfortunately for them, correct production and guarantied quality come with a certain price tag... or not. There are always 2 euro days at Think Twice, seasonal sales and designer stocksales, friendly shop staff with honest advice - believe me that exists, I can even tell you where.
Choosing well is choosing right.


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