Chronicles of random.

This is the kind of post that needs bulleted paragraphs.
So here they are!
  • One week ago, before all the joy has happened to me at MAPP., I was somewhere on the sad side. But then out of the blue - the apparition! Humberto Leon and his mom walk in the shop! They casually browse through the racks, and a part of me that is not willing to believe my own eyes is still denying the fact that it's him. What would be Humberto Leon doing in Brussels anyways? So I ask his mom whether the cloud-print Kenzo backpack she's carrying is from the new collection (knowing that it's not only from the new collection, but that it's a sample that has barely been put in production yet), and she answers: "Yes!", then points at Humberto and says:"He design!" - all with the cutest Chinese accent ever! I can't find words so I go up to him and tell him that he should see the new Raf Simons shoes because they look like cupcakes. He frowns at the over-enthusiastic sales person of me. The words from the Opening Ceremony book about how much Humberto Leon dislikes over-enthusiastic sales people are running through my head. I'm not sure which colour of the rainbow I turned in shame of my maniac-fanatic enthusiasm, but I bet it was somewhere in the shades of purple. Then he picks up the shoes and says: "Yeah, they do look like cupcakes! Amazing!" ...And we share that very precious cupcake/shoe contemplation moment... And they are gone, waving goodbye. So I figured that I should be adding that one point to my CV about my culinary interest in clothes.
  • The moment of the most profound boredom (there should be some kind of award category for that) was spent at Modo Awards. The golden rule is to never let any minister of sorts to give out fashion awards, and better care to provide a program of the event, otherwise the fun is reduced to watching a film that we have already seen and finding an empty wine glass inside the goodie bag.


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