behind the logic

I’ve witnessed something yesterday that I still can’t put in words. Passion – but not of your average definition. Passion that drives the logic – strangely enough the two can not only co-exist, but fuel one another. Whether the result is monstrous and destructive or if that’s the effect on my logic only - I fail to understand. I have previously believed in being the most rational person, but when a couple of things did not fit into the rational I have created the parallel and the alternative reality which functions pretty well. Years have passed and the realities blurred – no more distinction between what is real and what is a game of make-believe…is there any difference at all? Is it justified if it makes you happy? Does it really make you happy if at one point you type this out and publish it on your blog? I’m not sure if I’m making any sense right now, but I’m afraid you’ll hear about this again very soon. I want to talk about the retrospective perspective, destructive logic and my personal devil. Any of you following this blog for a bit may remember the post on ‘A wonderful world of devils and colour schemes’ from almost two years ago…
I could just retreat with hate and ignorance, but that’s no fun! Besides, it takes more time to be bitter than to be busy, or to play-pretend you are busy, well, whichever works.

Here are a few bits (or BITTS!) from my London trip – The ‘magnificent’ Chap playing their album launch show.

Portland’s Menomena at Studio 80 in Amsterdam last night.

This Saturday I will casually report from the Antwerp Academy show and Jan-Jan van Eschsse’s showroom at Atelier Solarshop. And there will be only a few weeks left before the magazine is released. This summer is a loaded gun.


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