let's build crystal castles in the sand

I love getting up early on a sunny Sunday to go to a flea market. Today I bought some crystals and a lump of quartz, but I wish I could have bought much more from the seller who had amethysts and other semi-precious stones. He had a stand loaded with chunks of all shapes and colours, what a pity I didn’t have my camera with me! I spent plenty of time choosing, but had just enough change to grab a beautiful ‘cave flower’ brown aragonite and a small crystal with a mint-coloured formation inside. It would be great to find someone who has the right tools to drill holes in them, just to put a chain through. These are raw but beautiful.

This happy shopping morning was followed by a bikini afternoon, doing nothing but drawing my new crystals and basically all the other stuff that was laying around. Bliss!

the Sunday outfit:

Henrik Vibskov shirt-dress
second-hand shorts
second-hand Moschino belt
Jeffrey Campbell wedges
self-made hair necklace


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