if i wear a trenchcoat to an exhibition, does it make me an exhibitionist?

Will you care to read yet another post about wedge shoes? No, no one is paying me for the promotion, although I secretly wish to get a pair of wedges for every time I write about them. Neither is my shoe wardrobe containing wedge-soles only. I’ve got 5 pairs, 3 for summer and 2 for winter, but only one costs good money – the Opening Ceremony sandals that I wear the least because they hurt, the rest are courtesy of H&M, Topshop and Jeffrey Campbell. 4 of them are black. So naturally I’m looking for fresh colour, midseason sandal-boot hybrids with voluminous shoelaces, elastic inserts and Velcro straps. The simple reason is that above all the clothes and shoes I wear must be practical and comfortable, yet I do not own a single pair of sneakers, Converse or ballet flats – I find my comfort in loose volumes and soft draping fabrics with a bit of tailoring, the wedges are the perfectly stable but dressy shoes, plus they balance any volume out.
Therefore it’s not too hard to guess that the item number two that I’ll never stop wearing is a trenchcoat – the two are just the best complimentary items. Once again I own 5 trenchcoats, 4 of them are beige…there is definitely a pattern emerging here!
Logically if I’ll be getting a new pair of shoes, I should start looking for a new coat, which isn’t much of a headache in Brussels, because we’ve got one fantastic seller at a local flea-market with a massive amount of dead-stock coats, that’s where I hunt mine out.

Two vintage coats from Time's Up store.

A perfect example of a beige trench and black wedges put to use. This is a picture of Veronica B Vallenes (from copenhagenstreetstyle.com).


  1. I like both wedges and trenches but didn't think about the combo. Very thoughtful.