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If you ever want to see me play the world’s hottest music journalist – watch this space! No just kidding, I have never thought to venture into writing about music, but here I am… even if it’s just a silly concert review, I feel like I have accomplished a little something the day I reviewed The Chap gig at Botanique.
It looked like most people have completely misunderstood this band, almost taking their performance as an attack… no offence to Cold Cave fans, but the only ‘artistic shit’ to climb the stage that night was The Chap themselves, and the ‘real music’ joke is about an age-old track which has been around since the ‘Mega Breakfast’ release in 2008 – that’s pre-ColdCave by any means. So chill, the chaps weren’t making fun of Heartworm Press, or any other artistic activity that the former Some Girls’, XO Skeletons’ Give Up The Ghost’s Mr. Eisold may indulge himself into. Take my word for it!
On a side note: my next accomplishment must be mastering the basic photographic skills in order NOT to stick my finger into the shutter of my reflex camera! A messed up camera looks pathetic, costs a lot, and most importantly does not take any pictures, hence the image-free review. Well, have a read on Mewbox.


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