so where's my danish passport?

I finally gather up some courage to show my stocksale finds, even though I’ve been literally living in my new Henrik Vibskov trousers eversince. In a world of good trousers that my wardrobe is it’s hard to be a star, because I choose my trousers carefully – ok, probably the only thing I choose carefully… But nevertheless finding a good simple pair of trousers has never been easy, and I managed to walk away from RA13 stocksale with two pairs of a Danish mastermind, and that is after spending several hours trying to make a choice and probably getting on everyone’s nerves. The latter I have no means of knowing – the RA kids are always sweet and kind. The former follows a strange logic though: ‘why not make two right choices at the same time and by both pairs?’
Well, here they are – wide silk trousers from Stine Goya…plus me – slightly corseted and strapped, naturally.
second-hand corset top
Dries van Noten pleated silk top
Stine Goya silk trousers
Veronique Branquinho harness and wrist-accessory
Zara shoes
And the navy silk Henrik Vibskov trousers, that are very wide at the hip and narrow at the thigh…plus a cut-out shoulder tailcoat from HV as well – it’s from one of his first collections, and I got it in Moscow last year.
H&M sleeveless dress
Henrik Vibskov trousers and tailcoat
Zara shoes

Whether it is a fashion sin – a designer total look – I do not know, but someone did ask if I’m Danish…well, if being Danish involves wearing your favourite designer head-to-toe outfits every day of the year, I would gladly sign myself up for this fashion ‘nationality’.

But for now I’m content with the combination of straps and buttons and surprised how lovely these Zara shoes look with any outfit( a very irrelevant point, by the way). Even my lounging-at-home combination of white denim and grey sweatshirt looks dressed up and formal, I just wish to complete it with some MF Pepe jewellery.

COS silk vest
A.P.C. sweatshirt
Preen for Topshop drop-crotch denim
Zara shoes


  1. i love a good pair of trousers, these look so great. Soooo jealous of the sales you get over there!