the unnecessary fact file

I don’t feel too talkative these days, but it’s not because I’ve got nothing to say…Simply being busy with many unnecessary projects at the same time needs more thinking than talking. What I call unnecessary is just leisure, but sometimes I want to feel like I saved the world, and the indulgence into leisure activities isn’t the kind of feeling I’m after… well, the three points of the pointless post are:
I’ve been admiring the neighbour’s magnolias for long enough, now I want my own. I’m just not sure whether the tree can survive being planted in a pot and being placed indoors. The shop assistant grimaced at me as if I was asking whether this baby will survive if I poke its eyes out.
I’m experimenting with polyester resin again, which is hard to explain why I’m incredibly happy to follow any processes that require special gear like respirators and rubber gloves – is it the toxic fumes that render me active? I’m casting hands in polyester to put together into a piece of jewellery.
And these are just my happy feet. The package has arrived, but yesterday's dinner in Brussels cost me a foot…literally. And how many times have we said not to wear new shoes out without socks of any sort or a massive blister and several days of a high-heel-handicap are guaranteed. I will never learn!


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