random colour

Pastels or primary brights? Anyhow I’m addicted to colour. And by this I don’t mean the nu-rave revival, although my new visit cards are made in fluo yellow…but by being interested in colour, I pay more attention to colour coordination rather than simply the presence of it. I love when the colour prints in the magazine match perfectly the canary yellow pages of an article, and when my nailpolish matches my shoes – that’s only the beginning, folks! The cover of the Topshop’s spring lookbook caught my eye, and indeed there is some similarity to the autumn web images on their site: the coloured lipstick! For the autumn they’ve been using blue, and for the spring there’s yellow – that is just the critical mass of the coloured lipstick being unconsciously advertised to me, so I went (optimistically spoken, still sick and at home – so I virtually went) on a little research. The two shades bellow are courtesy of Shu Uemura! So easy it was! And of course, adding to the list of the places I want to go to and the things I want to do when the health will finally grant me a possibility to chew, turn my head and generally look like a normal human being, I will pass by the Shu Uemura shop in Antwerp to try out the blue and the yellow. The lightest lipstick I ever tried was a bright orange one, very matte, so I’m endlessly curious.

Lego sculptures via WoodWood blog
I love the multi-coloured nails. For me this can be just enough colour in the otherwise muted outfit. (via Park&Cube)


  1. i heard about the shu uemura bright lipsticks. i've been meaning to check out the yellow and blue myself. primary colors are beautiful alone or together..great inspiration lady, thanks!