Today another tail shirt won my heart in a very predictable way. Well, it has got massive chest pockets, rounded longer back, double collar and it’s made in blue pinstripe cotton – probably the most flattering fabric I know. Luckily Wood Wood has a massive sale; luckily eBay throws up treasures like these Emma Cook for Topshop boots in the most unflattering shade of greige – but that’s exactly the point!

I also found a picture of this gorgeous blanket-coat which strongly reminds me of a BLESS jacket, only that it’s better because a trench is taken as a base.

Not sure whether I’ll proceed onto chopping my huge second-hand trench, it may have been a bargain, but where will I find a new one? But the idea of a garment that fuses blanket and a coat (ok, maybe it’s the sickness in me talking) sounds incredibly appealing. It’s almost like in Russian fairytales where Ivanushka Durachok would ride around the place on top of his warm stove that also served as a bed in the olden days.
It’s easier to find a trench that doesn’t really fit, because all you need is the shoulders and the yoke. I’ll let the idea rest until the Wood Wood shirt arrives, but a quick look through eBay gives yet more inspiration. I’d rather go for a complementary shade of beige with some mint or blue stripes, the royal blue can look just as good…or a black&white IKEA plaid? Alright, I should definitely let it rest or I’ll end up looking like a bag lady wrapped in a blanket.


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