there's too much sunshine

Haven’t got too much to write about except the usual work rant, which isn’t too joyful compared to the beautiful weather that we’re having. A short visit to Cologne did me good, and once again many thanks to Jesper for babysitting me and making all that coffee. I am a very deep coffee well!
The week has kicked off quite negatively though, so I’m restless again. The work is to blame… And in the urgent search for new leisure I’ve been revising all my ideas, designs and fabric samples. The process has been launched and now I’m working on the ‘fake’ cape I’ve posted about earlier. The deadlines are tight – this cape has to be finished by Sunday night. This is when I absolutely delightfully lock myself in for a couple of days.
And now a list of musings and some curious facts about today…

· There’s too much sunshine.

· I’ve been wearing clear-frame nerd glasses and pushing them up with my index finger.

· Got a new note from the neighbour. This time it’s about the mailbox which has been shut too tight. I stuck this blog’s flyer to the note.

· The fruit man is finally back on the street where I work! Which means COS BXL will be eating strawberries every day.

· Fixed myself onto the idea to find an astronaut suit for Barbie. Space!

· Found the new desired haircut. It will be graphically short above one ear and very long on another side…plus a bit of hair extensions on one side to make it even more asymmetric.

· Missing someone very very much!


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