It shoe revisited

Just for one post I thought to return to the It shoe topic, because starting a while back I’ve been collecting images of all kinds of shoes on my computer (yes, among all neatly classified images that I collect I’ve got folders dedicated to shoes, puff sleeves, capes, socks…the list goes on) to finally figure out what is it – the It shoe?
According to my shoe fetish it has nothing to do with multi-strapped, golden-heeled, sculpted-wedged, 11cm-high that fashion mags are currently promoting. Very unlikely you will be to find me with a glittering studded monster on my feet – the Topshop generation does not attract my shoe cravings, neither does a kind of shoe that will fall apart in a season…well, that’s what those It shoes are meant to be – one-seasoners that are somewhat difficult to walk with because of all that multi-strap thing going on, plus all the embellishment sets a strong seasonal mood which later becomes a very noticeable démodé.

So as I’ve got my shoe fetishes sorted, I realised that the colour will always stay on the darker side, the shape will be slightly pointy and sculpted, there will always be a small compensated platform since I like to climb higher heels without breaking my feet, the craftsmanship – not embellishment will attract me at the first place, as much as grey suede, unusual heel shapes, lace-ups and new surfaces like pony skin or woven details. This doesn’t sound very It, neither this sounds like ‘one-season’, as all of the above is the exact opposite of the It shoe. Oh well, I give up! I shall never own this modern phenomenon. Forgive me, fashion!


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