a quest to resurrect...

This has officially been the most painstaking DIY job I’ve ever got myself into. Piercing sharp needles through your favourite pair of shoes and making them beauties look like a character from Hellraiser makes my heart yearn. Yet this is what had to be done! Do not ask how I ended up with a beautiful pair of pony skin and leather Veronique Branquinho shoes with a compensated platform and angular heel that are definitely one size too big in my closet, but the problem needed a solution. They are pointy, but wide enough for the foot to slide further forwards and no granny soles can help, so they’ve been desperately collecting dust in the ‘to sell on eBay’ bag. But thanks to 18 degrees today and the fact that my feet are already starting to swell up, even though the warm spring hasn’t even settled yet, they miraculously fit me…or almost… the ‘almost’ part has been fixed as I stitched a small loop to the back of the shoe and fitted an ankle strap through it. As a result, the shoes are secured to the ankle and my foot will not slip out when I walk. Fingers (and toes) crossed that the loop will hold.


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