Harputs OWN

This one I have discovered via the Childhood Flames. The name is Harputs OWN, incredibly hard for me to retain, but I’m loving the principle of creating clothes which can be worn in multiple ways. I do prefer this to customising as the original creation of the designer is given the utmost respect even though it is transformed by the wearer into a rather personalised garment. I’m just a bit concerned about losing the shape and the tailoring aspect in the quest for the ambiguity in fashion, and crossing the thin line from the design genius of the creator over to the pointless efforts in pattern making and classically defined garment construction – we’ve all seen how a pair of trousers can be worn over your head or a cardigan as a skirt.
Yet HarputsOWN concept veers the modern fashion to the timelessness of design by staying clear of trends and seasonal directions. Such concept has been pioneered by the Japanese in the 80’s and currently revived and re-lived by such brands as Complex Geometries, Pleasure Principle, Humanoid, Fabrics Interseason and HaprutsOWN, bien sûr.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the resemblance of aforementioned brands to the concept brand of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute – Individuals Statement Store. Can’t wait to go back once more to Amsterdam to do some fishing among an array of available young designers’ stores.

EDIT: The featured image above is from the Pleasure Principle Spring/Summer collection and NOT Harputs Own. Well, it just happened to be the most beautiful garment of the online store, that's why I used it in this post!


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