so much for a skirt thought


Простая черная юбка-карандаш с завышенной талией - девочки должны одеваться женственно и не носить брюки. Стиль унисекс - это западная пропаганда, нацеленная на смешение полов и разрушение института семьи.
Translation: a simple black pencil skirt with high waist – girls must dress in a feminine style and not wear any trousers. Style ‘unisex’ is a propaganda from the west aimed at blending genders and destroying family values.
This is what I have just come across while browsing through – a Russian site about news, culture, fashion, events and so on. There’s a small article about what people buy and what it says about their personality, so it was Karina Kino’s turn to comment on her recent buys. She’s an installation artist working mainly with graffiti-style colourful cartoonish drawings and paintings. Very naturally I’m baffled by her comment on a black skirt. I’m not too sure where to put it, whether it is narrow-minded, sexist, racist or just simply Russian thought. So much to prepare for a trip to Russia which is coming up in the end of May!

Yet aren’t we forgetting something here, my dear miss Kino? That we both come from a country where building roads, for example, was considered to be the upmost feminine profession…our proud trews-wearing ancestors can confirm.

Ok ok, personally my origins hail back from ‘gorod nevest’ (city of the brides), where most, if not all, femmes of my family tree were textile industry professionals. So may be I should just shut up.


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