How strangely these images seem to coincide with Supermayer’s tunes sounding from the myspace player. This is ‘Sheluha’ (roughly translates as ‘husk’ or ‘peel’) - a project by Alexander Kadnenkov and Igor Nikolaenko dedicated to 23rd anniversary of Chernobyl. Their photos make me stop and think, and forget the context in which they were taken by simply admiring the amazing texture into which traces of human activity turn to after they’ve been neglected, and the purposeful attempt to erase the Chernobyl events from human memory transform horror into beauty.

I’m fascinated by the colour and texture, wondering if there’s any way of recreating this into a piece of clothing, which I don’t mean to contextualise. Yet if I ponder on about it, cloth too becomes a certain trace, a memory, like a forgotten sweater, the shape of the sheets when someone left the bed…only charged with meaning for the person who is aware of the origin of those traces.


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