Hyper bloom!?

Here’s one basic truth I want to share with everyone…be warned, it has absolutely nothing to do with fashion!
I’ve never been known for having a green thumb, so I basically avoid bringing anything green and living to my place. But lately I’ve been seduced by all the wonderful and lush spring greenery that I wanted to bring some within the comfort of my home (which is seeing some restructuring at the moment). So today I went shopping for an indoor plant! ‘How banal!’ some might say, and how worthy is it to post on a ‘fashion’ blog? Well, I was going through endless racks of greeny stuff, feeling every leaf for texture, grabbing every pot I liked, holding it up in the air and admiring from multiple angles and mumbling some awkward thought to myself – that’s exactly the clothing shopping procedure I may go through. The morale: I’m a complete green-leafed dumbass, and I was very lucky to have my mom with me to steer me clear away from green-pea plant or gooseberry bush as I had no idea they were what they were. Eventually I've chosen for these two fellas and really hope they will last.


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