my fringe project

With a subtle reference to Henrik Vibskov’s work, which I find equally amazing, this is another sort of fringe. Imagined by the mysterious Martin Margiela and conceived in the atelier of his Artisanal 0 line, these two garments have caused my latest fringe frenzy.

One that looks like a tropical butterfly is a kite with multicoloured fringe embroidery. It reminds me so much of the Christian Wijnants’ collection for autumn/winter 2005,

yet it is not a catwalk garment, but an ingenious take on the spontaneity of design. May be pre-calculated, definitely crafted to the smallest detail, but the spontaneous approach of remodelling a banal object is delightful, and in this case it’s an object that conjures up images of cold Belgian coast somewhere in De Panne which gets crowded with holiday-seekers as soon as the light from our greying skies begins to slightly remind the one of sunshine. And the butterfly shape (or shall I bluntly call it the ‘squid’ shape) is extremely elegant that it almost seems to be a pun on the original object and its immediate context.
I’m wondering where to find that kind of synthetic thread that they use for fringe curtains, and what to cut it with, since it’s got to be some sharp and hot object to seal the tip from shedding. I’m also wondering whether to look for scraps of fabric with graphic print – good enough for a neck-piece, or a nylon jacket from the 80’s which can easily translate the kite idea into a piece of clothing. These are very DIY-minded thoughts.

Another DIY-friendly idea is the plastic fur jacket. It’s made of plastic garment label fastenings – the kind we use at work to fix the sale tags. It has a leather base, but obviously I won’t be sacrificing my leather jacket to construct a black&white Cookie Monster costume, once again I’ll look out for small leather objects that can be transformed in this manner into the Margiela-esque plastic fur pieces. So loads of artsy DIY is coming up!

EDIT: Just imagine this on a pair of shoes!!! OK, the 'small leather object' question is sorted. Check back very soon for results!


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