origami mes amis

I’m feeling a bit gadget-depraved today as I forgot my camera, just on that day when I find so many things to take pictures of. So, sorry for feeding everyone the images I find on the web.
Here’s the one I wanted to share, nicking it without permission, just like the authors of The Devil Must Have a Delvaux Bag blog did when they took plenty of visuals at COS BXL store. And they have been spying and peeping again, I tell you! Here’s the opening of COS in Paris – the highly acclaimed opening of the year.

COS, 4 rue des Rosiers 75004 Paris

Moreover, I’ve got luck in my pockets and some wonderful news up my sleeve! To expand and broaden the informative contents of this somewhat narrow-minded and selfish blog (that it does becomes time to time) I invited a beautiful contributor. Virginie will make a guide for Copenhagen and post some random fashion thoughts in French, so rejoice la Belgique! If you see any peculiar posting going on, you know who's in charge...my dashboard has already turned to French...
Thirdly, I’ve got to send a zillion of thanks to my dear strawberry friend Jesper for configuring the analytics thingy. I’ve been always reluctant to make any survey about how many people read ‘origami mon ami’ and where they come from, but I gave in after The Steel Closet from the distant San Francisco has found me.

Oh and speaking of the sleeves, there’s a beautiful image in Victoire of this sky blue trench coat by Maison Martin Margiela. It’s got slashed batwing sleeves, cape back and belted front, and a price tag to growl at! The bright recession-friendly idea is to find a vintage trench coat in some lovely shade of mint or beige or grey, take out the shoulderpads, make a vertical cut on the sleeves and use the cuff strap to hold them together, make holes for the belt to fit in at the front of the coat leaving the back loose even when belted up…so preferably cuff straps should have buttons and not buckles, there should be a pleat at the back, it’s got to be double-breasted too...need a pair of new shoulderpads to make the shape higher and sharper but not broader…doesn’t sound too unrealistic afterall.


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