Sense of direction

3.1Phillip Lim wood grain print trousers
Zara bandeau top
 Now that the sun is completely out of control (and I'm still blaming The Flaming Lips for that), it is the perfect time for printed cotton trousers, light knitwear and some leather jacket of sorts. None of it has been on my official wishlist, but having revised it a little bit according to the weather and to the need I came up with an idea that I should own something only once - so buying a pair of jeans too similar to what I already have is not an option. Plus the weather has been asking for something more fun and crazy...
Here it is - my idea of fun!
These beautiful printed trousers have a very straight masculine cut which is rather new for me. I used to favour the high waist shapes, but somehow an idea of a relaxed mensy trouser with a slight drop crotch started to mix up with the idea of comfort. The comfort of wearing what feels right. And in the whiff of sentiment the 3.1Phillip Lim trousers made their way into my wardrobe. I'll wear them with chunky Acne Studios sandals or with pointy loafers - good thing they are slightly cropped, so even a flat shoe suits the style.
The Zara bandeau was a weird buy, but I really wanted something similar to style over a shirt, just like in the Acne Studios Pre-spring lookbook. At home I realized that I don't have a shirt that could be worn underneath this top. The moral - think before you buy!
This very strange single earring from Claire's is a raw DIY material for me. Now I just need black Swarovski crystals to glue instead of those ridiculous plastic eyes . It ain't no Sophie Bille-Brahe, but it worth a try.
Now feeling all summery I would like to escape Brussels for a while...for a long while even. My sense of direction is letting me down. I need a mathematician who can help me out with an old probability question, yet he would be most likely to come up with complex matrices or multiple variable integral equations just to give me an answer I think I know already.


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