Last Saturday night I went hanging out with my mate Joe and his new solo project band - Vin Blanc/White Wine is two people now. They opened for Deerhoof at VK in Brussels, which was the first show of their European tour, and now they are off to France I if you find yourself near any of the venues, go see what Joe Haege of 31Knots and Tu Fawning is up to.
When a girl escapes to the bathroom to touch up the makeup, boys start talking about music. And I guess during one of those moments The Flaming Lips got into the conversation. So the Sunday morning was dedicated to their last album 'The Terror'. I always saw The Flaming Lips as a band with a brickwall production where all sound went much too saturated. When I wandered why are we listening to The Flaming Lips on Sunday, my boyfriend said that Joe recommends it...well, ok then! Half way through the second track I could hear the sunshine burning my skin. One minute into the third track and we were both carbonized.
Yes, carbonized.
This is the only way to describe 'The Terror's sound that hoovers somewhere beyond light and dark. Sunlit and haunted all at once.

This is 'You Lust' track featuring Phantogram - a band I've been paying utmost attention to lately. Enjoy!
But don't forget the sunscreen.


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