Home is where your cat is


I've been constantly shuffling things around lately, trying to find the right place for everything. Not only that we put up the curtains, but we also bought a bed - sleep has never been such a pleasure! I've never been a fan of high massive beds with headboards, but somehow our new apartment is well tailored for such - may be because the wall to which the headboard is placed has no neighbouring building and is always unpleasantly cold, so the headboard becomes a necessity. I tried keeping it simple, soon to realise that it is the kind of bed that looks its best with tons of pillows and cushions. So I'm planning on getting more...and a basket too, in which we can throw those cushions before going to bed.

Yesterday I finally gathered up some courage to take a trip to Ikea and buy those narrow picture frame shelves. I've seen it so many times on various blogs that I couldn't hold an itch to reproduce the Ikea catalogue-perfect bedroom here at my place. Soon I will be able to put some price tags - remember that sequence in Fight Club?
So I had fun and styled my shelves with some objects, cards and magazines. My boyfriend wanted a vinyl record in there, and I like the idea because no one would ever see the sleeve artwork if you don't present it this way, and honestly, most of the vinyls we buy these days are only there for the sleeve.
I also found the perfect place for my shoes - now it looks like there are many people hiding behind the curtain, and it's kind of creepy.
And last but not least, with all this decorating craze I've started a new category in which from now on I'll publish the interior pictures, found or self-made. My mom did not get far with her interior decoration blog Often Strangers' Places, so I guess I will have to do it here. It is fun to do something new on a blog that is an age of a dinosaur. Feels rather refreshing.
So my dears, behold 'Home is where your cat is'!


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