colour genius


If someone can do an oversized bomber at its best, that's Phillip Lim. And only Phillp Lim can do a pale mint bomber coat with hairy textured pink check without making it look like a tablecloth at a Chinese takeaway. Then he can also combine chocolate brown fur with vanilla and lilac, add pink shoes and block it all out with black tights. There's something very appealing in every colour combination of his.
Standing in front of the mirror, I try to find as many matching colours as possible, and not more than three colours for one outfit - it is not a general rule, but it works for me most of the time and helps to keep the outfit simple, because if I could pile up the colours, I definitely would, but then I'd end up looking like a Christmas tree. So here's a lesson on colour/garment matching, learned from the Fall/Winter 2014/15 3.1Phillip Lim show.
  • Monochrome outfit where shoes, tights and bag match being three different shades of one colour. Legs are the darkest one. Coat is the lightest with coloured pattern.
  • Bag match tights, the rest is colourblock of soft pastels in similar texture. Outer garment in contrasting texture and a neutral darker tone.
  • Match bag and shoes. White skirt, taupe jacket. Shimmery copper tone accessories.
If I could have all the fortune of the universe, I would be dressed like this next winter. I am constantly amazed at those few designers who send the models down the runway in those looks you can just associate yourself with - non-fussy but put-together casual looks. Not something that sets your imagination completely afloat, but something much more down-to-the-ground, when every garment tells a story of your own comfort and not someone else's idea of it. I guess I'm just tired of the fussy fashions, and more I see them twist and turn in front of the street style cameras, the more I grow fond of the clothes that speak to me - the wearer - and give me a personal challenge, make me play and have fun with colours and styles.
And look - no bare legs! In the name of what fashion were the New Yerk's stars of street style showing us so many goosebumps?


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