Has 2013 been really awful? As awful as everyone swears it to have been? My computer has grilled and died together with all important documents - I got myself a new one with good reasons to start anew and revive this very blog. My boyfriend's bookshop went bankrupt overnight - he found himself a cool new job which allows him for the very first time since many years spend Christmas holidays at home, he even started baking cookies! Our houselord announced dreadful news that he's selling a house - we've rented a new light and spacious flat and now live in a neat neighbourhood surrounded by beauty salons. I got into a huge fight with two dear friends over some stupid pair of sneakers - and for the first time in my life I got off my shitty ego-trip and said that I'm sorry. I was forced to return to Russia for paperwork - but I did the entire Bulvarnoe Koltso in Moscow on foot, drank too much takeaway coffee, visited Gorki Park, went shopping in Tsvetnoi, and breathed the birch wood air of my uncle's dacha where butterflies land on your fingers as soon as you stretch your hand. One of my favourite boutiques in Brussels has shut its doors for the last time in April and I found myself without a retail point for Douglas Firs - but it made me reconsider my brand, the situation in retail in general and bring the project onto the concrete ground. Due to boyf's job changes we were not able to travel for holidays - but where do you think the budget for the Stella McCartney sweater or a Philip Lim skirt came from?
So what am I complaining about really? A year that stimulates change? A year that taketh and giveth?
I don't think that 2014 will be any better if I don't see the better side of it. The first week already shivers and shakes, but opens up to the new opportunities, and the change is imminent. The good change. For the goodyear.

How could I forget to mention the wondorous incident! This very lame blog has made it into top 10  Susie Bubble's favourite blogs!
I've been jumping of joy pretending to be a real blogger now. So bring it on 2014!


  1. Hello dear!
    we did meet yesterday at the 2nd hand shop but now i feel a bit stupid now 'cause i thought you did shut down the blog only because i haven't been visiting it for a while! so nice seeing it's still alive and kickin'!!! Still love everything about it!! Glad i've met you!

    1. It was nice to meet you too! And I'm glad you're back visiting this blog:) It didn't change much over the years, but I hope you'll enjoy!