Today's little trot around the town, surprises and goodies at Ultra - a tiny little shop on rue du Marche au Charbon 74, in Brussels centre. They have a finest selection of perfumes, among which I have finally found Holygrace back! I remember dashing to Libery's in London to get the perfume on the release day and falling in love with the sweet scent of Holygrace. I can't even describe what it smells off - candyfloss, smoutenbollen, gingerbread or more precisely 'pryaniki' - a type of Russian gingerbread with mint glaze - revoltingly sweet and soap fresh at the same time. It's not just a Jun Takahashi's fan speaking - the scent is truly addictive and exciting. Now I am glad to have found a place to which I will come back again and again, each time claiming my righteous dose of Holygrace.
And you, boyfriends, should learn not to say: "Do you want me to get you a gift?", because you know the answer! I was completely charmed by the sweet silliness of the jewellery they have at Ultra. I stood staring at all those cute characters for a while, and then another while, and then a little longer while, so the boyf couldn't hold the magic words back! And here I am, enjoying a couple of badminton players for earrings - could almost hear the ping and the pong!


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