So I read that streetstyle is associated with product placement, one should never wear a chunky knit with a long skirt and if you went to bed without drying your nailpolish properly you should correct the uneven texture with a top coat to avoid the embarrassment...and then there's some material on running apps that feature zombie screams that should make you run faster...
As you can see, I've become a loyal reader of Wonderzine, and for once I'm happy to put my Russian to some use. I've never been a huge fan of my mothertongue, but I must say that reading about Kit Harrington's muscles in the Pompeii trailer in Russian kind of makes it all acceptable. You know how the girl magazines are - men celebrities, lol cats, and the endless question what to wear. Wonderzine is no exception, but they seem to know how to put it right.
Thanks to their accurate summary of best flower-printed garments I have set my eyes on the Acne Studios sweatshirt.
I own only two flower printed garments, both are Dries Van Noten (surprise surprise Mr. Flowerprint), from the shop where I work, but there's something much more subtle about the blurry aquarelle flowers and the cloud-like volume of the sweatshirt. Wearing it with monochrome printed trousers sounds perfectly plausible - something to look for at Dries Van Noten stocksales, but first a little trip to Acne Studios boutique in Antwerp come next week!


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