new title earned...


Now you can officially call me Miss 'Wit-and-Visceral-Sentiment'.

Scrolling down Susie's new post and feeling somewhat envious about all those professionally-looking blogs, trying to encourage myself to keep it up and keep blogging from the far-faraway Brussels, I suddenly realized that the pink square in the middle of the screen looked rather familiar...

"...Therefore, I thought I'd take the opportunity to highlight ten of my favourite blogs at the moment, which are carving out their own niche and doing it sometimes annonymously, whilst appearing to enjoy the act of blogging for what it is - which is independent guerilla content creation - that thing that makes me mega chuffed to press the Publish button on every post.  You keep on pressing that button not because of the potential financial rewards, freebies or perks but because you want to see something come to life on screen that you have created.  You'd keep doing it even if only your mum was reading it (in my case, I don't even get the mum traffic)...  
Origami Mon Ami - I love writing that expresses enthusiasm about fashion with visceral sentiment.  Beginning a post with "If I could just stop licking the screen for a moment..." is always good in my book.  Lena Loginova in Brussels writes about young designers and visually amazing things with that kind of wit, which sucks you in.  Her pictures also do generally make me want to lick the screen." -Susie Bubble

What!!??? Who's blog is that??!! I think it's called 'Origami Mon Ami' or something... you've probably never heard of, but yes, there's a girl there somewhere who 'expresses enthusiasm about fashion with visceral sentiment'...strangely enough but I always thought that it was Susie herself, and the 'wit which sucks you in' and all that, it has always belonged to her only. Please, don't see it as some kind of obligatory reciprocal flattery, but if you ever choose to read only one blog for the rest of your life - make it StyleBubble.

What's next? A dynamic wallpaper app for all your iPhones and smartphones, you know like the one with a cute puppy liking the screen, just with me instead of the puppy? I'm open for suggestions.


  1. I found your blog via Style Bubble and love it! Very funny and I love your style. Feel free to have a look at my own efforts!
    Thank you :)