Cedric Charlier fall/winter 2013/14

Last weekend Hunting and Collecting has transformed the boutique space into a static catwalk for Cedric Charlier's winter collection - unbelievably gorgeous one!
Shift dresses, pensil skirts and ruffle collars all have a sporty feel, and I couldn't tell whether it was silk or neoprene... possibly both, with fur insets and intricate embroidery all over.
It is not a casual collection, but I would wear some bright-coloured sneakers with any of those outfits, not just for the laid back feel of the collection but also for my tired feet that are longing to be comforted with a pair New Balance or Nike or Adidas for OC.
Tired feet are no excuse for dressing down though! So thank you mr. Charlier for coming up with a perfect solution for a modern woman who can walk 15km a day all prepped up down to the ruff. And let's hope that the It-bag and the It-shoe will soon disappear, leaving us with beauty and comfort all at once instead of the pretentious 'must-have' items.


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