let there be light!

 I've managed to surprise myself twice by finding all the necessary fabrics for Douglas Firs summer 2014 and bagging a gorgeous coat from one of my favourite collection of all times. It only happens once and only at Dries Van Noten stocksales!
And while I'm wowing about the coat, the main attraction of stocksales in Antwerp is still designer fabrics, well for me at least. Where else can one find top quality fabrics for so cheap that it almost hurts? I got back home with a bag full of soft cottons and some printed silk, and even though I do not favour prints all that much I couldn't resist a subtile marble print that could be flower print that could be just random brush-strokes. In other words I totally gave into: "Let there be light!" attitude of Dries Van Noten's SS2011 and the next thing you'll see from my Douglas Firs brand will be the shining light of soft pastels.


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