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Dries Van Noten sunglasses, Comme des Garcons perfume, Maria Black single earring, Zara shoes, Dries Van Noten skirt.

A clean and organized approach to shopping? Not yet.
I simply would like to keep track of what I buy because the wardrobe is a mess and it sometimes helps to take a picture and put it on my own blog to have a clear view of what I own. I mean it!
This spring I'm going completely nuts for Dries Van Noten - and the good news is that I sell his stuff at Stjil, not only to my beloved customers, obviously, but to myself as well... and I do feel privileged getting my hands on the best pieces before everyone. So I bagged these fantastic transparent white frames just as they arrived and decided to finally separate myself from the nth amount of cash and become a proud owner of the quilted flower skirt - it is a longer and lower slunk skirt than any other one in my wardrobe, and it does need a bit of outfit planning to avoid looking like someone's mom... a tricky thing, so I've decided to honour it by finding a matching top, to no avail... Instead I came back home with a new fragrance (I've been 'sans parfum' for about a year - that's a change) by Comme des Garcons and a single earring by Maria Black.
Now jewellery has always been an unknown territory for me, on one hand buying a piece of jewellery for me is like getting a tattoo - it's personal, almost intimate, on the other hand I hate to fall into the trap of the tacky gold and diamonds so I never really buy anything that has real value. But when I saw the Maria Black graphic earrings, necklaces and rings at Hunting and Collecting,  I knew it was something different. My choice is a single earring in a shape of a dagger, so much for the Game of Thrones fan!

The shoes have been a long doubt, because no one ever is meant to buy anything there! Child abuse, slavery, toxic products - yes, Zara is all that, and my feet will probably rot off! But I'm bad at reasoning and self-control when it comes to white patent leather, platforms and lace-ups, hence the doubtful buy. Yet they compliment perfectly the girly tulips and make for a tougher look.
Now the trouble of how to wear the skirt remains. I'd prefer a fuzzy angora sweater, but it can't be too loose. Or a white shirt? or just a graphic t-shirt? I haven't got a clue.


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