Every time I get bored of fashion again, I buy clothes - not fashion but clothes! There's a great distinction between the two, at least for me. Fashion is an image of a garment and reflection of trend or a particular thought. Clothes are just clothes - individual garments, interdependent of each other and the wearer - not an image.
While completing the first season of Douglas Firs I realized that it is clothes what I am the closest too. I may collect images and various inspiration, I may refer to film or music, but in the end what I produce is just clothes - ready to receive mayonnaise stains and get the buttons torn off by the washing machine. And if I were to give you the finest example of what clothes should look like it would be the winter 2013/14 collection by my long-term favourite A.P.C.
Yells of excitement when I saw it! Corduroy dress with woven leather buttons on the shoulder! Felted grey wool all-in-one! The grey suit and the navy varsity jacket with leather sleeves! And there's nothing more coquette than the beret!
Is there anyone else to whom it feels right thinking of winter on the 42nd of February while the snow is powdering up the sidewalks, and since March is not going to happen this year?


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