So here I am, making concrete plans…

I want to own very little and treasure every single object I own. That’s a simple thing to wish for, but it takes a lot of courage to clear out. I have started today with eBay. So please, have a look because many lovely things are looking for a new home.

I want to wear high heels without complexing about my height, and even when bumping my head onto everything on public transport I don’t want to care. I never felt tall when I lived in Antwerp, and I remember a must-wear-heels reaction against one long-term relationship during which I forced myself to wear flats only, such reaction lasted about a year, and even working as a window dresser at COS I have worn high heels. But then things got complicated and I got sick. I missed my heels. Now as I feel really good and I also feel like I can walk on water with 10cm heel on.

‘Owner of a lonely heart, much better than-a, owner of a broken heart’ – sang Yes. Yes I agree!

I’m looking for a room/flatshare around Bethnal Green, Old Street, Whitechapel tube stations. If you know one, click on the ‘Contact’ button on top of the screen and drop me a mail.

I’m happy to announce that you will be able to find the first issue of my magazine in the end of next week. It turns out to be very skinny and quite colourful (well, still waiting on two final submissions that are due tomorrow to frantically make the lay outs for the last material in the middle of the night), but I feel that I’m off to a good start.


  1. good luck. I am also moving things and myself to another location.