anomaly #2: a watch as a jewel

Warning: you won’t find any Swarovski crystal watches here! The idea of wearing the watch as a jewel started with a simple practical idea of having something that tells me what time it is while I’m running around at work. My golden Casio is exactly that practical item. Yet lately I’ve been torn in two at the discovery of a gorgeous white watch, which basically looks identical to mine, but the metal body of it is painted in white. I felt like I was cheating, because the tender Mr. Casio is hugging my wrist every single day since we’ve met, and I’m longing for another. But then these images appeared:

...followed by the latest Facehunter shot of an overly decorated watch.

Watches are getting piled on people’s wrists like bracelets, I guess we all have too many iPhones or equivalent of such that we have forgotten what the wrist-watch is for, so we are just using them as decoration. I might be oldfashioned, but I still check the time on my watch rather than on my phone, so in the beginning the watch-negligence made me frown. Yet somehow I’ve become more loyal to the decorative use of something that has previously been practical (well, going back to the denim issue – it was THE workwear fabric in the past). So the fashion seems to have a fool-proof method of evolving through the cycles. Workwear into the basic garment for the preppy kids, practical time tool into the decorative bracelet – predictable! I hope fashion shall never seize to exist, because I just found a perfect excuse for the purchase of my second (and by no means last) wrist watch!


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