Hunting and Collecting

This isn’t a proper post/article/press release. It’s just me who’s falling off the chair while reading through my mails. Soon, 17 Rue des Charteux shall become your primary need, your instinct, your desire! The new store shall serve as a mega-playground for the fashion-picky ones, carrying Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Annitian, Cosmic Wonder Light Source, Stine Goya, Carin Wester, Maria-Francesca Pepe, Petar Petrov, Perks and Mini, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Hope, Saskia Diez and BLESS to mention few....Pheeew!


  1. haha great :D actually two weeks ago I was looking for THAT shop, which obviously wasn't there yet, to go check upon that skull-with-gold-teeth necklace. looks like that's going to be an interesting place to visit!