anomaly #1: full denim look

Today is another lovely Sunday, which only gets better in the warmth of my parents’ house. I’m looking for a new cosy apartment with one eye and scrolling down the blogs with the other – and two strange looks caught my attention.
None of them may seem strange to you, but in my world it’s rather extraordinary. Firstly, I’m attracted to the full denim look of a loose shirt and boyfriend jeans. I never liked denim, and I do not own a single garment of this fabric, so that’s why I’m calling such attraction extraordinary, although it’s not really the quality of denim that puts me off, but the typical image of a denim garment and its wearer that I cannot bear the sight of. Denim is always worn so ‘laid back casually’ or ‘effortlessly chic’ or ‘preppy cool’ that the best place for it is on the Sartorialist. But eventually a few images did make their way into the inspiration folder.

These are the very ’casual’ ‘chic’ styles that still look interesting somehow. I love the turn-ups and strappy sandals combined with a trench the sleeves of which are pushed up. This is very much my attitude to the clothes that spell ‘comfort’ – I maniacally turn and push the sleeves up on absolutely everything. The second image is way too messy, but somehow it works. The third one has an unexpected twist – the silk turban, so that’s what made me eventually re-consider the blue denim.

I do love the light blue colour, and with my snow white skin and dark brown hair complexion it looks incredibly flattering; the summer dress I wear the most is the old ACNE number in light blue chambray; I’ve got quite a few light blue pin-stripe garments too – so what’s stopping me from wearing denim?

I’m by no means preppy, so adding a pair of crazy heels like these stained pastel suede ones from Opening Ceremony, an oversized vintage clutch and messing up my neat bowl cut for The Cure look should be no problem. Add the yellow nailpolish and may be a glossy black lipstick…I don’t know, but it seems like there’s a way of wearing denim head to toe and not looking like a COS ad.

Although there’s a great chance I’ll pull those shirt and trousers off the racks tomorrow to give it a very first try. Luckily this shirt is made of a very simple cotton, not denim, and those jeans are much lighter in real than on the picture.


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