boycott topshop!

You can bet this was the first and the last Topshop experience in my life…and I thought it was only S.A.B.E.N.A. that stands for such a bad experience never again!
So I ordered my bowler hat, all shiny and happy about it. It has got nice wider than usual brims and is big enough for me to fit all my hairdo in it, BUT…
The package that came in mail today looked suspicious, I even asked myself whether I have completely forgotten about ordering something extra from Topshop, I hesitated to open it. A light, almost flat cardboard package did say on it and had my address and my name perfectly written out…pause, rewind…yes, almost flat package!
Topshop, tell me one thing: how many trees have been saved by being so economical with paper? And what is one to do with a deformed bowler hat that has been squashed flat into a box that is very obviously too small for it?? Or am I completely missing out on a new trend of sorts???
I’m devastated! I feel like putting a dead rat in this box and sending it as a return item!


  1. the more it goes, the more I hate topshop.. I ordered my bowler hats on ebay they usually are very well package and of good quality..