the birdie's last song

. my first lament of the week.

My cutie budgie’s tail has been smashed to pieces, and he looks like a fat chicken now. How sad.

Secondly I am upset with the new COS collection. I’ve been somewhat encouraged after seeing it all in London, but one single visit to Zara knocked me down! They’ve got all those beautiful shoulderpads, raised and constructed shoulders, beautiful tailored silhouettes and suede trousers. Ok, I’ll go back to COS for a silk t-shirt, but that’s about it. And for the rest, do we still need Balenciaga, Balmain, Givenchy and previously-mentioned Redux if we’ve got Zara on every shopping street? It’s still pricy – my jacket crush ’s got a whooping 120€ price tag. But it doesn’t look like it will fall apart after one wash, so why not invest…
Anyways, I shouldn’t be making the sad list on a beautiful bikini afternoon, and get back to pool and strawberries. Tomorrow I’m into a massive transformation for my hair – much timely and needed. Check back soon.


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