heavy metal anyone?


If you don’t want to hear any more about shoes from me, skip this one, as my latest shoe crushes are getting more and more absurd.
We’ve all heard about the Raf Simons/Dr. Martens colab a while ago. The collection has been presented at Bread&Butter without any release dates whatsoever. Today I came across an image of these metallic shoes from the fall/winter 09 collection.
So where are those going to be sold, would they be a decent price (not like the Eastpack/Simons backpacks, please) and do they come in ladies’ sizes? And most importantly, I’m already a sculprural/shoulderpads/black lipstick addict with a shaven/asymmetric haircut (not at all the pretty femme La Roux style though) – can I pull off a pair of metallic Dr. Martens boots without passing for a total wacko?


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