two steps to escapism

As I’m contemplating a temporary escape to Berlin, these are the two landmarks that I wanted to share. My escape might not happen before that dreary trip to Russia to face the downside of the burocracy, but at least these images keep me inspired and hankering for that moment when I’ll be holding the precious plane tickets in my hands. For now, they are only images…
Temporary showroom is an ever-changing store. It seems like every season there’s a new way of presenting the collection, still keeping the raw white walls and the shabby façade. It intrigues me! Adding the fact that they stock Boessert/Schorn, Odeur and Damir Doma among plenty of others, might just make it one of my top priority places yet to visit. You can find more images on their page as well as the full list of brands and designers.

Apartment – this shall be the third time I put up a post dedicated to the mysterious Apartment in Berlin. They have a magnificent selection of Fabrics Interseason and Noir, alongside with Rick Owens footwear and Undercover accessories. It bears some resemblance to Reborn and Dover Street Market, but the uncompromising Berlin architecture sets it far apart from the conventional concept stores – it stands somewhat on the darker side.

Temporary Showroom is on Kastanienalle 36a, 10435 Belrin
Apartment is on Alexanderplats, Memhardstrasse 8, 10178 Berlin


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