let's talk about the weather

At the times when the Belgian weather is behaving like the REAL Belgian weather, i.e. rain-rain-rain on my window pane, I’m longing for some sort of a huge and very much exhibitionist-style trench coat to hide me away from this misery. How wonderful would it be to get back from work all covered-up and dry, looking refreshed from a light drizzle and a brisk walk (…how wonderful would it be not to go to work at all), instead I got drenched, watching the rain-drops dripping off my nose and discovering my favourite black coat (yes, the batwing one) shrinking to two sizes smaller, going wavy at the lapels and all that. Oh horror!
An urgent fitting of Burberry trench-coats is scheduled for tomorrow at Spullenhulp, but in the meanwhile, admire this:

The clever people of Portland know how to deal with the rain. This is a piece from a small collection of rain-wear by Slow and Steady Wins the Race/Stand up comedy colab.


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