Chris Larson's Deep North


Slightly linked to the colour of the previous post are these images. This is the work by Chris Larson – a Minnesota-based sculptor who’s art often makes a grim statement about human existence, but it’s also attention-grabbing for its sheer size and ornate detail.

I came across a Deep North( his latest work) article in Bon while socialising with ducks of the square pond of Cologne. Suddenly the ducks seemed to disappear, the water of the pond freeze to ice in the fiercely curved shapes, bearing the traces of human activity within sporadic flashes of colour. The white stillness hypnotised me. A second later I zoomed out of the page spread with heavy breath and a heart beating at the racing pace, checked my watch – time to go, time to catch my train, and resorted to a brisk walk…got my extreme beauty fix of the day!


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