the deepest shade of beauty


The spring air is exhilarating! I’ve been exploring the wonders of my garden for the first time this year, so I thought I’d dress up in its honour. The scenery is bluntly banal, the colours are whited out and the greenery is lacking. This is not a pompous garden with roses and lavender. All I’ve got is a tiled surface encaged by the towering buildings of which I see no Art Nouveau facades, but somewhat burlesque dirty guts of the city of dust that Brussels surely is. And as I’m babysitting this garden for my landlord – he left it behind when moving back with his family to Pakistan – I’m not planning on doing any works. So here it is – a piece of a cityscape at my fingertips! Joy to the kitty who’s been playing around with ants and then meowing and spitting silly, joy to me for the outfit inspiration. The grids and the floral contrast have worked their way into the choice of fabrics and silhouette today. Silk harem pants nod towards the organic yet timid forms, zippers on the calf scar it with an urban mark. Dirty beige is the new nude, sleeveless blazer binds it in a geometrical proportion. Colourless shades of tan leather, greying nude, taupe suede are structured by flimsy navy silk and cool wool in washed black. The spider web necklace is a literal reference… I love the simplicity of the ordinary picture the most. The deepest shade of beauty is the colour of nowadays!

beige top COS, silk harem pants COS, sleeveless blazer H&M, skinny tan leather belt COS, taupe heels Zara, spider web necklace selfmade.


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