So I very much hope everyone is enjoying the holidays as much as I am. I may also continue bragging about the gifts and the latest sale buys, but I shall withhold the fun for later, as I feel inspired for an outfit post, especially when my new background may comprise this wondrous structure:

My biggest joy – the new bookshelf, which is still resting at my parents’ place before it is given the right to take half of my living room space. It’s huge and mostly red – not exactly the first colour choice, but I feel jolly as a child assembling the wooden building blocks into this slightly chaotic structure. Destined to hold all my magazines, the Shelf has a lovely companion – my first sale buy – a Habitat lamp that looks like a light used in a photography studio.
The other bargains I’ll try to accumulate into one outfit next week when the previously mentioned OC shirt finally arrives. But right now I must admit that I’m becoming a total Opening Ceremony junkie, i.e. I want it all!

The OC mini-collection for Where The Wild Things Are has got so many cosy fluffy pieces for the current winter! Yet with the prices for all the fluffiness I’m left to improvise with second-hand faux fur coats without turning into this:

Yet I’m afraid it already happened.


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