First of all, please excuse for the slight negligence to this blog lately – the sale preparation, the odyssey of the broken heating in the middle of the winter and the general seasonal mood swings are pretty much directing my energy towards more quiet and personal way of spending time. Gift shopping is one of those activities – it’s more like taking time to understand something about the person for who the gift is meant to be, because I don’t like to give silly useless things (just as much as I don’t like to receive them). The practical note: I might seem to be late talking about gifts, but Russians celebrate Christmas in January and give gifts only for New Year, so my gift period is yet to come.
Of course, making gifts for myself is the great part of this season’s shopping, and since there’s already plenty of gorgeous clothes on sale in many on-line stores…
The first choice and the first placed order is the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony tail shirt. I loved it since the very first time I saw the collection, so I’m happy that the shirt is on its way.

Now I’m looking for a pair of high-waisted shorts, which I may just create by chopping some cheapo second-hand jeans, and eventually a pair of jersey trousers that bare some tailoring details like passepoil pockets and zip-fly. Well, I’ll be scouting for ideas.


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