square vs.round

Now we all know about the existence of the square pond in Cologne… The round counterpart of such is found in London. Not sure if there’s any metaphysical connection between the two (if ponds could talk I would surely proceed with a question, but questions without clear answers remind me of…um…the city of the square pond, so I’ll let that one linger). So back to the round… I love to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to the tranquillity (if only the wind wouldn’t be flipping the pages of my notebook every 5seconds – you’re getting on my nerves, Nature!) of the park.
Same as in Berlin, minus the Frisbee mud gliders, plus the fabulous synchronic-swim ballet performance from the white swans of the Hyde Park’s Round Pond.

This time around London did not astonish me. I can’t say I’ve seen it all, but may be the previous times I’ve travelled out there were 1. Company-paid hotel at High Street Ken, 2. Day job at COS, 3. Boyfriend, 4. The Chap gig. The London trip as of today feels more like a holiday without any purpose, so I’m getting myself entertained with some open questions.
Would I get bored of Topshop and such if I were to live in London, because even a silly place like this is pretty unique for ‘treasure hunting’. As we don’t have any of this stuff in BE, it is naturally an easy and cheap way to finding some one-ofs (in Belgian terms speaking) for my wardrobe. And the answer is that I probably would. I never had and I never will have any intention of looking identical to anyone, so cross Topshop and COS out of the list (the latter I learned in Berlin already).
*ALRIGHT, some freako-wacko, who tells me he saw me last night in his dreams – odd and ridiculous! Mental note: do not come here after dark.*
The Brick Lane issue is of the similar nature. The identi-kit hipsters, endless young-designer/vintage market stalls at Spitafields and beyond gave me a slightly uncanny feeling yesterday. If Rough Trade wouldn’t be there, my trips to Shoreditch would have been pretty sparse. Just how much unique stuff can you find in 100 vintage shops loaded with unique pieces? Well, in my mathematics the two cancel out, becoming just another market stratum where hipsters are the target buyers.
Finally, the amount of ash-blonds with bleached hair also seems to put me off, so I’ll stick my plans to bleach my hair grey in the long drawer too.
Just don’t get me wrong, I’m not being negative. I’m picky though, and my decisions are based on my very own taste, because I’m happy to be where I am and who I am, getting shoes at Topshop and Ann-Sofie Back for Fred Perry dress (dramatically reduced from 120£ to 40£ at Urban Outfitters), bringing this stuff to Brussels and looking like a crazy art-bitch from another planet, when I’m just the Lena-beast who likes to fetch strawberries for those sweet and dear.


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