back to the old, into the new

I’ve started a new blog. Don’t ask why – the explanation is on it. I’m not going to link to the new blog from here. Just press the contact button and send me a little word if you want the new address. Everyone can have it, but be warned it’s my personal blog and I will write what I want. Does it sound strange? If you were really under an impression that I write what I want on ‘origami…’ I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it has not always been the case. I always watched out for bad PR… but since everyone has a blog now, I think we need to start writing what we really think instead of all those blogger newcomers who are taking it all so seriously when rewriting press releases.
So I went back to where I started, created a boring layout where I will write about the mundane and the banal. I’ll take bad pictures with my crappy camera and post stupid photoshopped collages…just made one with owls, happy as a child! Otherwise it’s clean and white with supersized images. By the way, let me know if you want to be linked to on my new blog, I’ll be happy to do it.
But probably the best news is that there’s a comment link and everyone can say what they think – no more hidden comments for bloglovin’ followers only! Isn’t that great!
Oh well, drop me a mail at and have a good laugh at all the silliness that keeps me busy.


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