mr. weasel told me

I’ve got onto the DIY train of exuberant ideas. Everything that I come across in the magazines or web makes me want to make and create, well, good enough for sparse idle moments off work. My latest contemplation is a trench coat with slits on the sleeves inspired by the Margiela coat I posted about earlier on.
For the first attempt I got myself a second-hand parka in classic navy blue. It’s a lovely model as it was before I got to chopping it. Unusually, it’s got pression buttons panel and a pull-string that ties on the side, huge batwing sleeves and two sets of pockets – slanted triangles on the chest and two large patch pockets on the hip. The silhouette is incredibly oversized, so not exactly suitable for a trench coat, but nevertheless an interesting raw material. All I had to do is take out the shoulderpads and open the shoulder seams on the sleeves, luckily it was very simple, so in one evening it was ready to be worn to the flea market where I made an acquaintance with Mr. Weasel…or whatever that creature may be.

So my new parka-cape is just the beginning for some more sleeve-chopping activity. A fluid drapey fabric would make a lot of difference – it would not create those angular shapes on the sleeves when I wear them with my arms in and it would definitely have a stronger cape effect that I’m actually after. Well, long live Spullenhulp!


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