The discovery

Today I feel like I’ve read every single existing blog in this universe and beyond. It’s not so bad actually since it leads to quite a few important discoveries. One of such discoveries is this: Doshaburi – an on-line store. It did take me a couple of hours to go through every brand and garment and mentally classify it as, own, want to own, heard about, just discovered and want to sell in ‘origami…’ boutique if it were open now. So thought I’d publish the list.
Bernhard Willhelm, several pieces, used to call him my favourite and leave flat out broke from every stocksale. Still hunt for his stuff on eBay.
Peter Jensen, one sweater dress.
Pelican Avenue, a dress/THE print

Veronique Branquinho, keep one beautiful dress, the rest went up on eBay
Melissa, the classic
Swear, the oldest object in my wardrobe, the best quality shoes after Dries Van Noten
Want to and heard about:
Marjan Pejoski:


Cosmic Wonder Light Source:

Ann Sofie Back:


Fabrics Interseason:



Heard about:


Jeremy Scott, Eley Kishimoto, Petar Petrov, Zucca, C-Neeon,


Cheap Monday, Linda Farrow, SixScents.



Ute Ploier:



Kling, Reality Studio, Horace

Daniel Palillo:

Poti Poti:





Gemma Degara:

As you might see there would be many true gems among all the tactile and sculpted pieces on the rails. My love for everything unintentionally timeless lets me always choose for awkward shapes and cuts, often oversized silhouettes, mighty prints that take over the entire garment and witty accessories. When I say ‘unintentionally timeless’ I mean the kind of design that is not made timeless in the classical tailoring sense, on the contrary it is controversial because it challenges the habitual shapes of clothing and somewhat distorts human proportions. This style never goes out of fashion because it has never been IN fashion, always remaining on the avant-garde side, as well as it demands a certain attitude from the wearer. You’ve got to be confident, demanding, very open or have an extreme tunnel vision – only in this way you can admire and understand the design, because most of it is walking on a thin line between consumerist and conceptual. Take Fabrics Interseason (the label has been recently celebrating 10th birthday, by the way) for example. An Austrian duo – Wally Salner and Johannes Schweigner are not your mere fashion designers. Their work ranges from fashion and design in general, contemporary fine arts, cultural history, performance to electronic music. In accordance with their artistic method, the projects, performances and the collections and presentation are based upon concepts which are developed from an intensive research of socio-political discourses and phenomena. Their collections do not only function as the analysis of codes which manifest themselves in individual and collective clothing pattern, but because of their ability to be worn, they also infiltrate an exclusive and highly individual lifestyle by deliberately proclaiming a critical or political stance. They present their collections twice a year during Paris fashion week and with their installation work continually take part in international art exhibitions.
As I observe their work alongside with the work of many others I imagine a kind of base for such approach to fashion – a space so volatile and ephemeral, which has a capacity to be continuously altered by the presence of an artist, musician or a mere customer to always become new and different, to be unique enough to make a statement and at the same time be commercial and simply act as a retail point for young and upcoming talent. Imagine the aforementioned selection of brands and designers, throw in Christian Wijnants patterned pieces, Sandrina Fasoli’s feminine and delicate silks, Iefke de Roos’ handmade garments, FYI jewellery and bags, stock some sweet silliness like in Mieke Willens’ shop, display it all on vintage Scandinavian furniture, invite a DJ or a band…well, you’d pretty much get….yes, .origami mon ami!
EDIT: I made images a bit smaller - it was a very long and annoying post to start with. Please, use it as a link reference. There's a plenty of great things to discover!


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