the London weekend

…but it’s not really a weekend, just one day off from a long and rather unpleasant week at work. COS at Regent Street has too many issues and I’m not prepared to deal with the issues of the work place that isn’t really mine. So instead I’m collecting heaps of souvenirs that will remind me of the brighter side of London when I finally get back to Brussels. And this is what the mirror of my hotel room is turning into, to the horror of the cleaning ladies (and I did not put up the Sunno))) poster yet).

This morning that started in early afternoon I ventured out to the east London (armed with a chocolate cookie for breakfast and a massive headache caused by last night’s Trash Palace visit and Dimitri’s dance moves*) to see the Brick Lane and it’s flea market. I actually expected the Brussels-style square with piles of junk, but it turned out to be all narrow streets with plenty of interesting little boutiques of which my absolute favourite was the Lik+Neon on Sclater Street 106. They’ve got a smart selection of magazines and other reading material, cute accessories, music and those three fabulous cats! The kitties attribute to the kitsch factor as they are sitting on their neon coloured blankets, but adorable hosts make an adorable shop. I got myself a copy of Under/current’s première issue – this magazine has unique and inspiring photoshoots, and a silly pixelated single earring. The latter might sound utterly complex, but it’s a simple cutie in a most lovely packaging. So unwrapping therapy guaranteed for tonight…fun.

*…oh and the shoes!


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