the new ways of layering

Yes, suddenly it’s about layering – a topic I prefer to not touch on this blog simply because there’s not much layering in my wardrobe so I like to leave it up to the professionals. Yet there’s one type I am absolutely ker-razy about – the scent layering.
For a long while I’ve been looking for a perfect scent that will share both my masculine side and sweet feminine softness, and honestly, this is one on the most difficult contradictions to find within one product. So I started looking into unisex scents. Being originally afraid of the ‘unisex’ term as it is often simply watered-down version meant to suit everyone, I never cared to try a fragrance without gender…but I guess the real catch is right here – the Comme des Garçons fragrances are not unisex – they are simply not prescribed to any gender to avoid building up of those scent stereotypes. So I was free to choose, and it took me several attempts and ‘test-drives’ to finally set my preference on the original Comme des Garçonns perfume and a soft eau de toilette with cinnamon flavour to top it up for excessive cosiness and sweetness that I miss so much in winter. The result is a woody and sharp smell somewhat reminiscent to geranium or eucalyptus – it smells almost medical in the beginning and turns to sandal wood sweetness as it develops. The cinnamon makes me feel all Christmassy and every time refreshed.

I’m not sure how long this relationship will last, but I’m very comfortable with this new layering technique – possibly the only kind I can get away with.


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